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"As a longtime sports broadcaster and entrepreneur, I've come to know many image consultants, and confidence coaches, but none who've wowed me in the way that Brandie Price has. She is smart, savvy, and most importantly, she cares. In this industry, that is a rarity. She has a lunch box mentality paired with a stellar style. She knows what works and goes above and beyond to help her clients implement simple strategies so they can reach your goals. She has been one of the greatest gifts in my business. Her thoughtful approach, willingness to dig in and problem solve and her keen sense of style mixed with just the right sentiment make her the kind of coach, and better yet, friend, one can only dream of having at their side. If you are looking to gain confidence and need support in getting on camera quick, she is your girl! I cannot give her enough praise and I highly recommend her services. "

Heidi Androl
Reporter | Fox Sports & ESPN Founder | The Broadcaster Lab

"As a successful brand and marketing strategist, working with celebrity talent and household name brands, I've come across few coaches who are able to walk-the-talk. Brandie exuberates confidence on every level and I have gained so much understanding about On Camera Confidence from her. She delivers the know-how and tools needed to get on camera with utmost confidence. "

Tanya Lou Armstrong
Celebrity Brand + Marketing Strategist Moore Media | Life By Design Mastery

"I had always emphasised knowledge and experience over personal appearance. As an expert, working entirely from referrals, I had that luxury. However, when it came time to pivot my business online and seek out customers in the crowded digital market, I knew I'd need to step up my personal branding game dramatically, while at the same time remaining authentically me - jeans and all. Brandie is the image expert everyone needs in their life. Rather than telling you that you should be better / thinner / taller / or get your hair cut - she helps you embrace and own your authentic bad-arse self, and find ways to simply highlight and enhance all your best assets. She helps you discover you - on your best day, embuing you with confidence that helps you bring your A-game, and shine in a way others are sure to notice. "

Juanita Wheeler
Presentation, pitching & speaker coach | Executive Director at TEDxBrisbane | Founder at Full & Frank | Senior Fellow at Atlantic Fellows | Adjunct Lecturer at University of Queensland

Brandie Price is the most widely respected Celebrity Personal Branding Expert in the industry.   Her career started as a fashion show coordinator at the age of 18.  She is an Award Winning Makeup Artist and Image Consultant for television and film and worked on the live original productions of Dancing With The Stars, and America’s Got Talent.  Much of Brandie’s career has been spent under the veils of the non disclosure world in media, corporate branding, and consultation to some of the world’s most influential public figures, athletes, models, media moguls, celebrities and brands.  Her branding clients have graced the Forbes 30 Under 30 shortlist, Forbes 25 Most Influential Women, and Forbes 25 Most Influential Men.  She is a motivational speaker, influencer, and television personality.  Brandie is also the creator of the 10/30 Wardrobing Process, Creating Margin In Your Wardrobe, Letters to My Daughter and the Million Dollar Filter.


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