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Your 5-Step Process to Clear the Clutter, and Define Your True Style In As Little As 2 Days


Because incase no one told you today: Your True Style is incredible and it needs to be seen

Can you Imagine...

  • Walking into a clean closet each morning.
  • Knowing that you were going to feel like a million bucks in everything in your closet.
  • Living in confidence in your own true defined style.
  • Knowing if a style will work for you before purchasing it.
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✔️You clean your closet out on a regular basis, but quickly find yourself back in a state of overwhelm with all of your options.

✔️You wish that you had an actual style. Sure, you've tried many different styles, but are still unsure of what you should be wearing.

✔️You want to learn about Brandie's approach to styling celebrities.  You want the behind-the-scenes solutions to identifying and defining a sustainable, lifetime style.

✔️You want more peace in your wardrobe, but you are not quite sure how to achieve it.  You need a proven guided plan.

What you'll get:

  • An Expert Tactical Guide to Decluttering Your Closet

  • Expert Advice to Identify Your True Style

  • 2 Bonus Lessons!  How to Break Cyclic Shopping and the 10/30 Wardrobe Process

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Kat Marris

“Working with Brandie to create a capsule wardrobe is one of the best acts of self care I’ve done for myself! I had struggled with my closet for years and always dreaded the changing seasons as I knew this meant another round of moving piles of clothes around that I hardly ever wore. I had a chaotic and disjointed closet of clothes that made me feel anxious and like I never had anything to wear. Brandie coached me every step of the way and I used her easy system to sort through so many boxes and bags of clothes I had been holding onto. It felt incredibly freeing and liberating to shed pieces of clothes that brought me anxiety!

Brandie truly created a custom experience for me by creating outfits with what I already had and shopped for pieces that fit my style, body type and would round out my closet! I am IN LOVE with my new capsule wardrobe and definitely have to say that working with Brandie has brought peace and clarity to my closet and life!”

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Why Learn Wardrobing from Brandie?

Brandie Price is the most widely respected Celebrity Personal Branding Expert in the industry.   Her career started as a fashion show coordinator at the age of 18.  She is an Award Winning Makeup Artist and Image Consultant for television and film and worked on the live original productions of Dancing With The Stars, and America’s Got Talent.  Much of Brandie’s career has been spent under the veils of the non disclosure world in media, corporate branding, and consultation to some of the world’s most influential public figures, athletes, models, media moguls, celebrities and brands.  Her branding clients have graced the Forbes 30 Under 30 shortlist, Forbes 25 Most Influential Women, and Forbes 25 Most Influential Men.  She is a motivational speaker, influencer, and television personality.  Brandie is also the creator of the 10/30 Wardrobing Process, Creating Margin In Your Wardrobe, Letters to My Daughter and the Million Dollar Filter.

Find Peace Today

"I had just left an intense meeting with an on-camera client.  I was helping her gain confidence on camera by using her true style, when it hit me.


I could not shake the thought that for every celebrity that I help, there are thousands of women who are not on camera that need help with their style.  They need help with clearing out all of the clothing that clouds them from feeling confident in who they are.  Behind-the-scenes we rely heavily on personal branding.  Style is the key component.  Knowing your true style is such a game changer in overall confidence."
You may not be on-camera, but you still deserve to have access to this life changing process.

Define Your Style

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